Kant and Singer

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According to Peter Singer, we must not act so as to sacrifice a major interest for a minor interest. Singer is an Australian moral philosopher whose approach and ethical view is from a preference utilitarian perspective.


It does not dictate equal treatment of all interests, in the belief that different interests guarantee different treatment (Singer 26). Human beings, therefore, give significant interests priority over minor interests. Apart from justifying different treatment for different interests, this principle calls for different treatment of the same interest where diminishing marginal utility is a factor.
This philosophy of Singer requires the concept of impartiality while comparing interests. Singer asserts that a person’s interests must always be weighed according to the person’s existing properties. The major interests in human beings are those that satisfy the basic need for food and shelter, develop one’s abilities, avoid pain, and enjoy warm personal relationships and those that allow a person to pursue his or her project without interference. These major interests entitle a person to equal consideration in the capacity of happiness and suffering. Singer’s approach favors a model of life where he measures the minor interest from their wrongness of frustrating the goals of life. ...
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