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There Is an Ultimate Control of the Entire Universe Name: Institution: There Is an Ultimate Control of the Entire Universe Introduction Religion and religious beliefs concerning the world creation have been criticized for centuries. The beliefs that are being disputed are those that claim that God created the universe and everything that exists in it.


Some of the explanation they have provided to counter the creation theory are quite amusing, since at some point they fail to provide a very comprehensive answer. This makes them still go back to the creation theory as the base for the existence of the world. Among some of the critics of creation theories are the scientific studies and some religious beliefs. Thesis Statement With the immense discrepancies and failures in the critical explanations offered, we are taken back to one origin of creation being the Supreme God. It is then that we accept the fact that the world and all that happens in it is controlled by a supreme being. This supreme creator, in my opinion, is God. Buddha Teachings The teachings of Buddha are quite fascinating. Buddha as we can say is the founder of the Buddhist religion. In the book, What Buddha taught by Ra?hula (1974) we are introduced into beliefs and convictions of Buddha about what happens to the world. In this text Buddha teaches about the attaining of enlightenment and perfectness. Through his life Buddha was able to find the path of liberation. Liberation in this case is the attainment of enlightenment through knowing the truth. ...
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