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Complete Name: Course: Title: Euthyphro – Plato On the one hand, Euthyphro assumes the role of a plaintiff who is bound to prosecute his father at the time due to a murderous act committed against another criminal who Euthyphro believes should have undergone fair administration of justice prior to death.


Out of this situation, hence, emerges the issue of defining ‘piety’ or ‘holiness’ in which Socrates takes advantage of his humble condition, being accused of ‘impiety’, to find resolution to the question of piety through his philosophical dialogue with Euthyphro. By his initial attempt to address the inquiry of Socrates, Euthyphro claims “Piety is doing what I’m doing now” in reference to his provision of charges against his father which is based upon the traditional justice known in Greek mythology, as when gods do not let their fathers go unpunished despite strength of kinship. Thus, since Uranus received punishment from Cronos in the same manner that Cronos availed of no impunity from Zeus, Euthyphro’s father is subject to reap the harsh consequences of his action through the son who judges it as immoral by nature. Socrates, nevertheless, refutes this stating “That may be an example of piety, perhaps, but it’s not a definition” as though to imply that one such illustration may not serve alone to constitute the meaning of piety. ...
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