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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Stereotypes in Disney and other Kids Programs Abstract: The present paper looks for exploring the nature and types of the characters presented in the movies and cartoons developed for the recreation and entertainment of the children.


The paper will also elaborate the impact of these stereotyped characters on the children and adults, and its consequences on their future life. The paper will be supported with the Utilitarian Theory articulated by J.S. Mills while investigating into the affects and influences of the recreational programs developed and telecasted with the aim of providing entertainment to the children. The paper will also elucidate the remedies essential for discouraging the trends of promoting bias and hatred among the individuals coming of different ethno-racial and religious backgrounds, as well as between both the genders that had been in vogue for the last several decades in various regions of the globe. The Paper: By critically investigating into the history of the cultures and civilizations of the globe at large, it appears a reality that the individuals, groups and societies had been in conflict with one another since ever (Ember & Ember 68). These clashes and conflicts occurred on the basis of their differences with regards to food collection, belief system, political rivalries, physical appearances, socioeconomic characteristics and gender identities etc. ...
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