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(This doesn't only apply to Americans, of course, but we are looking at the "log" in our own eye here.  I believe I can drop the prejudices, all of them, but only for a little while. I have to have my own standing, my perspective. Being biased doesn’t make me a bad person, it is a part of being human, but there is a positive prejudice and there is a hostile prejudice (Pettigrew 2). I am not on any spiritual journey at this point of my life, which is probably why I can’t answer if I am separate from nature or god, but I do feel a part of everything I see and everything I believe exists. I see animals, birds and the sky, I feel the air, I listen to sounds I hear every morning and I feel like a part of them. I do feel that we are somehow all connected to each other. This is the real ‘slow down’ that awe all need to see. When we are moving on with our lives, we barely see the world from someone else’s perspective. But let the goals of life melt away, the rat race for money simply vanish and there is no country, boundary, culture or civilization to feel proud of. There are no family names or geographical superiorities to make us see the others with contempt and hate. Question:  Think of a book that has been important to you (it may be the Bible, or young adult works; it need not be a "classic." Or, if there are no books, think of a movie or TV show). Can you see how you are in a way a "transcript" of these media, how their way of looking at things becomes "inscribed" in you? It can be intoxicating, just as Mir Camar said.  People ask me about my favorite movie, as pop culture is the most obvious topic of discussion among friends. Without a moment of hesitation, I blurt out ‘The Matrix’ , and they make an ugly face upon hearing this name. To them The Matrix trilogy is nothing but bullet dodging action, but for me it is a compete philosophy. I watched the first sequel back in 1999, when I had no idea what philosophy is or what the movie is really about. But the dialogues of the movie kept resonating in my head. I couldn’t help but dwell on things like ‘Free Your Mind’, a phrase that Morpheus says to Neo when he is teaching him to jump. To me this felt like magic. I used to play football and I would try to tell myself, Morpheus style, to free my mind and dribble the ball all across the field and put it in the net. To me this was freeing my mind of all doubts and fears. After imagining Morpheus telling me this, I would believe that everything is possible and I would put I the extra energy enthusiasm in my play and it worked more times than it failed. To me it worked. Later I watched the documentary about the movie and came to know that the movie is based on so many philosophies that it gets hard to keep track of all of them. The theme of the movie is reality, our perception is reality. For instance the moment I’m writing this paper, I suddenly ask myself, how can I be sure what I am seeing is ‘real’, the institute I study, my professor and my friends are not a dream. Only satisfaction is that the five senses my brain has, interprets all of this so that my mind qualifies everything as real but what if I’m wrong? What if the signals my brain is getting is nothing but an illusion? After all we believe in a mirage which is nothing but our mind playing tricks on us. What is what we believe to be real is only a belief and because it’s a belief, our mind makes it real? Question: ...Show more


Question:  "So, what do you make of all this? Is he on to something? Is your mind possibly full of things that cover your life (like "alluvion" - river muck!) and make it habitual, conditioned, and reactive? Do you feel in any way separated from others, nature, God?…
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