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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1. In what ways is Hegel a global thinker While Hegel was not revolutionary, he was not conservative of legend either. Hegel was one of a group of philosophers who attempted to illuminate Germany’s path after the French Revolution (Hegel 85).


He saw the problems that were prevalent in Scotland and England and considered whether these problems could be avoided in Germany. In addition, he showed concern as to what had happened to the European promise of enlightenment. Because of Germany’s perceived backwardness, Hegel was able to see a distinctive angle to most of these questions. After studying the works of the Scots, he contended that the two countries were outside and inside a developing civil society. Vital for him was a comparison with an idealized view of the Polis in Greece where there was harmony contrasted with the modern world’s discord (Hegel 85). Hegel was particularly enamored with Ferguson who had pointed out clear parallels between the Greek Polis, the Native North Americans, and the Scottish highland clans, which Hegel found to contrast with civil society favorably. Hegel, rather than choosing to ignore the bourgeois class’ repulsive forms that were appearing throughout the continent, chose to reconcile these with humanity and its advance to freedom. 2. Does Hegel see reality as static or dynamic Hegel disputes reality’s static nature as proposed by Aristotle, choosing to view it as essentially dynamic. ...
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