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Name Professor Philosophy Date Final Examination Things Learnt From the Following Philosophers and Application of Knowledge to Life The Presocratics Being the initial philosophers of the west, the Presocratics, who preceded the Socrates, established a way of establishing reining mythic perception, through description of nature; in fact, they offered a description based on rational means and speculative principles of various forms generated on the basis of crucial observation of the world (Wildman, 1).


Socrates Socrates had taken a crucial role of caring for people’s souls in their life, and they had a conviction that the real persons are the souls; thus, through their arguments it is evident that a person’s soul is the center of their character (Richard and Elder, 1). Moreover, the Socrates argued that the souls is the basis through which people think, feel, set values and make decision; thus, it a significant determinant of a person’s foolishness of brilliance. One of the significant ideas that can be derived from their teachings and be applied in life is that people’s souls should be kept healthy like their bodies (Richard and Elder, 1). Furthermore, Socrates proposed that the souls can be kept healthy by not being ignorant in life. Besides, these philosophers suggested that people should take tasks in realizing their potential. ...
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