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Democracy in China

As Chinese 'media' and 'democracy' are interlinked in a single framework, people expects from media to wake up democracy in China, not the vice versa.
It is through the wide contribution of picky media that today has made it possible to at least speak in favour of self-contained civil societies and public spheres in China. With these issues unresolved, and with market economics and representative democracy only partially institutionalised, Chinese Government has detected that socialism and fascism in today's era would not be taken as alternative models for modern society. A society which is media driven and can be scanned as long as it is 'Chinese local media'. But to the extent where Chinese Government enters the boundaries of International scrutiny, capitalist democracy in both the economic and political spheres is unable to acquire superiority. However, the efforts on part of the Government could be on its way showing fascism along with its military failure and all the inefficiencies of state socialism and authoritarian tendencies can be put in the court of Chinese Government.
Media currently is playing hide and seek with the Chinese democracy where on seeking any possibility of democratic revival, International media would consider it a genius. ...
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While considering China on the cross roads to transition one cannot ignore the sequence of events in China's democratic history. From 'Tiananmen Square massacre - 1989' to '2008 Beijing Olympics' one thing is common, "the contribution of International media and coverage to outcry Chinese public and democracy"…
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