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Morality of a Foreign Policy

securing the good of the community and not benefitting the individual member of the society.
Morality is derived from a Latin word "mores", that means custom, habit or a way of life. For an act to be moral, there are three fundamental characteristics - foremost, universal allegiance, secondly, impartiality in all the acts and lastly, the act in itself should be self-enforcing. The implication of these elements is that moral values bind everyone to these norms, and irrespective of any one, it is applied to all perspectives and interests. Lastly, it should be through voluntary actions of the persons and not forced upon by any other. Ethics is doing what is right and refrain from doing what is wrong. And the good is determined by the norms that are applicable to that particular situation.
The political issues involve complex public affairs, and competing moral values and dilemmas and not simple moral verdicts. Ethical reasoning and judgments in foreign policy making involves use of relevant morals and illuminations in managing foreign relations with other states. The issues such as fairness of the international economic order, justice of the global institutions, and international regimes etc. ...
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How might one judge the ethics or morality of foreign policy On the basis of criteria you have selected provide an evaluation of the foreign policy of either Bill Clinton, George W. Bush (the second term only) or Barack Obama.
Ethics and morality have always left a question mark because of their controversial elements on the international political platform…
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