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National Security Master

The pain, suffering, fear in the eyes of those inside the Twin Towers as well as those watching, in front of them or around the world through TV, related or not, was evident. As the towers fell and turned into rubble, so did the hope of life of those inside, in the minds of their friends and families. This day alone changed the entire picture of how national security and terrorism were viewed, the threats it offered and how to deal with them.
The wounds of those who suffered loss had not healed up that another terror struck on July 7 2005 inside our home. Innocent lives were still at risk. More needed to be done. This resulted in revised security measures, dealing with terrorism and threats to national interests, domestic and foreign. Although the wisdom of the so-called War on Terror is a hot topic for debate, let's discuss how these revised security measures, instruments, regulations and others have impacted the lives and rights of common citizens in Britain.
Every nation has interests to protect. However, in an attempt to wage war on terrorists, real and imaginary, our nation is chipping off basic civil rights of its citizens including the right to privacy, while assigning extra powers in the name of national security. ...
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A turning point in history that changed the world for everything that was to come and is to come in recent times: September 11, 2001. This day alone marked a pinnacle in terrorism, giving new heights to national security, information surveillance and alien control as well as how nations prepared themselves and their readiness to deal with acts of terrorism…
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