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Americans have more opportunities to vote then any other country in the world, and the impact of voting is felt in every aspect of American life. From the beginning of American history, it has been proven that voting is important.
History highlights the importance of voting and the terrible conditions that occur when this right does not exist or is suppressed. During the Revolutionary Era the French, Haitians, and Americans recognized the destructive power of living under a government without a voice. The French masses starved while the aristocrats dinned well under the regime of Louise XIV. Like the Americans, the masses were taxed heavily without representation. No taxation without representation was an ideology that spurred on the American Revolution once the Stamp Act was enacted. In addition, after the implementation of the Stamp Act, "ordinary people came together to call for the boycotting of British goods" (Woods, 1992, p. 244). People began to understand how coming together to influence policy would make a difference in government.
The Haitian Revolution demonstrates the biggest impact of living under a government without representation. There were 600,000 black slaves living in Haiti (Girard, 2005). ...
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On November 5th every election year, the excuses begin concerning the National Presidential Election and people's failure to vote. Coffee and water cups are filled as co-workers expand on their latest reasons for not voting. The biggest excuses are that they were too busy to make it to the polls, and they couldn't make a decision…
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