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Departmental Select Committees

Also the parliamentary committees should interact more closely with the outside which will in turn widen their evidence-base. 1
Primarily before scrutinizing, the select committees should bring forth an awareness of the ideological and institutional features of modern British government and politics. This will develop a theoretical concept and a practical application of resolving problems and analysis. 2 One of the major aspects of the parliament is the relationship between a territory's legislature and its executives relating to the central and constitutional political system. This relationship is overlooked sometimes and the use of a prerogative power, which is the power exercised by the ministers are enforced. There need to be an analysis of the source of executive power, its scrutiny by parliament and the views of the major parties. A question of whether the Executives need rebalancing occurs. This is because during these modern times where everything is modernized the relationship between the executives and the parliament should also be strengthened. There is a central proposal which says that the owners of the Select Committees, that is the scrutinisers should belong to the house of the commons and not belong to the executives. 3
Thus the ...
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The roles of the European Union in terms of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the ministers in UK are taken care of by the Westminster. It also looks into the current scrutiny arrangements. In comparison with the UK scrutiny system with that of the European Union member States, it is concluded that though having more effective system of scrutiny, a major weakness is the failure of many parliamentarians, and particularly MPs who engage in this process are found…
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