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Despite the supposed triumph of capitalism over Marxism, the Marxist philosophy remains, not only relevant to the twenty-first century, but provides tremendous insight into the current labour system. According to Marx, the capitalist economic system is an exploitative one, which dehumanizes labour and reduces it o a commodity and labourers/humans to tools of production.1 The labourer is nothing more than an "agent of production," dominated by the rules governing supply and demand or consumption and production.2 Certainly, Marx admits that in direct comparison to slavery, labourers are given wages but, the payment of wages does not imply that the capitalist system extends labourers their rights. Instead, it solidifies his position as a wage labourer whose status within the political economy is nothing more than that of a tool of production.3 In other words, and as interpreted by Marx, the capitalist system is fundamentally founded upon exploitation.
The above stated recalls the current internationalization of labour, including the sweat-shop phenomenon to mind. ...Show more


Communism may have collapsed and socialist policies may have receded in face of the advent of global capitalism, the liberalization of economies and the globalization of free trade. Many, especially the proponents of liberalism, capitalism and globalization, have interpreted these developments as evidence for the defeat of the Marxist ideology and the triumph of the capitalist one…
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Marxism essay example
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