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Tony Blair and Crime Preventation

Blair also supports the creation of an anti-drug czar position in his cabinet and wants a total ban on the ownership of handguns by civilians". (Schmalleger Frank, 1995, p. 241)
In my opinion being tough on crime means to handle crime events in such an effective and efficient manner that not only reduce crime rate but also it works in favour of the general citizens of the country. They feel protected and secure in the reign of such Government. This is only possible if crime is handled and eradicated at the grass root level and it is obvious that to handle crime at such elementary level the Government needs to know the real causes and factors behind crime. With respect to UK crime with the Government of Tony Blair, Adele Horin writes in his article of September 7, 2002 "Tough on crime means tough on the causes of crime. If instead of stealing the policies from Tony Blair, Bob Carr had paid half the attention to the causes of crime as he paid to the crackdown on criminals, NSW would be better off". He continues, "We got more jails, more inmates, more police and a higher proportion of convicted offenders sent to jail. ...
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This essay is a brief overview of how and what measures Tony Blair has taken in crime prevention and to what extent he is successful. What are the views of General public for him and how up till now he has managed to control the rate of crime The points that are discussed in this essay are somehow related to Blair's Government, as he promised to control the increasing rate of crime with a slogan, "being tough on crime", so let us assess as to what extent he went along with his slogan…
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