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Thatcherism has been rooted in the individualist views of 19th and 20th century British political parties. However from a contemporary viewpoint, Thatcherism has been famously associated with opposition to join the European Union, which according to some was aimed at eroding Britain's sovereignty. In a famous Bruges Speech, 1988 Thatcher stated, '"We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them re-imposed at a European level, with a European super state exercising a new dominance from Brussels." (Bruges Speech from BBC, 2000). This would clearly indicate the perceived threats of joining the European Union completely which in turn led to Britain emphasizing on its own border controls and heightened sovereignty. Post war effects of Thatcherism have been clearly perceived within British politics and some elements of Thatcherism such as controlling public expenditure and promoting personal achievements have also been incorporated in the policy approach of New Labour government from 1997. However unlike Thatcherism, the Blair government has put greater emphasis on social justice and has focused on promoting social inclusion of the excluded groups and classes.
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Thatcherism could be considered as a political outlook or political thought associated with Margaret Thatcher and the British Government during her term as British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990. Thatcher was an ideological leader and emphasized on a free market economy associated with liberalism, privatisation of publicly owned industries, low taxes, nationalism and the need for a strong central government…
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