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Cold War Politics

American believes that America is a virtuous and democratic state and role model, which should be followed by other states to become good states.
According to the realist view, it is a government foremost responsibility to use all means at its disposal ranging from democracy, threat of force and even war in order to seek the national interest. According to the realist national security and survival does not lie in idealism but rather in power of balance. The realist believe that in real politics it is essential need to pursue power at all cost by the states, however there must be a clear comprehension of what is achievable and what is not. The realists are concerned about security rather than think about cheating or lying. Their ambition is to tailor the US foreign policy according to the real world scenario rather than pursuing idealism. The realists believe that the Wilsonian idealism cannot promote peace and democracy in the arena of international politics.
During the early phase of Cold War the liberals saw optimism in three key areas: the role of institutions, the dominion of ideas and material prosperity. According to liberals the key institution, which can play a vital role in the international political affairs, can only be UN, which can decide the issues of inequality among the nations. ...
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The liberals see Wilson as "prophet of 20th century" who took out the US from isolation and steered it towards world stage of international politics. For liberals a nation policy should be guided by morality. For them US is the champion of democracy and it should export its values…
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