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Regeneration Policy

Basically the urban spatial planning is provided by the local government and country planning system in order to use it optimum manner (Valler, Wood, & North, 2000).
Urban spatial planning is regarded as integration of both the land use and transport planning in order to develop the area economically and socially. Thus spatial planning in urban areas is not a single tool, process and activity and it consists of urban renewal which would already lack in investment with fewer developments (Jessop, 1990). In fact it identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats throughout the particular area and proposes how it can be developed with some distinctive approaches in order to address the desired objective. This report would concentrate on spatial planning in urban areas and would delineate a series of suggestions for the improvement of physical arrangements in existing urban area, thus obviating the need for occupy the strategic resources.
The local government's current plan is to efficient use of lands in the urban areas which would goes beyond the traditional system of land use planning and integrate policies and regulations which has been necessitated by sustainable development and sustainable communities. ...
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Spatial planning can be defined as "the methods used by the public sector to influence the distribution of people and activities in spaces of various scales. Spatial planning includes all levels of land use planning including urban planning, regional planning, environmental planning, national spatial plans and in the European Union international levels" (Barker, 2006)…
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