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Publi Law

The Prime Minister of the UK is the leader of the Majority Party in the House of Commons. In the UK the legal system is founded on the concept of rule of law and endeavours to provide justice, equality and procedural fairness to all. (MSI Legal and Accounting Network Worldwide, n.d.).
In the British Constitution, Supremacy of the Rule of Law is the main guiding principle. In order to achieve and ensure this Supremacy, it is essential to have independent judiciary who are not a part of the legislature. To surmount the trap laid by tyranny and despotism, the UK constitution has evolved in such a manner that there is separation of powers and this in turn provides protection against oppression. The rule of law was introduced to exclude the arbitrary authority of the government and to provide legal safeguards for the protection of the individuals and their rights. This concept was developed by Professor A.V. Dicey, a well known authority on the English Law, and published in the year 1885 in his magnum opus Law of the Constitution. The rule of law comprises of three principles, namely supremacy of the law, equality before the law and the predominance of the legal spirit. ...
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The legal system in the United Kingdom is based on a common law tradition, which has early Roman and modern continental influences. In the UK, acts of parliament are not reviewed by the judiciary. The compulsory decisions of the International Court of Justice are accepted in the UK, though with reservations…
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