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Electoral College: compare and contrast

Advocates of election reform wish to either do away with the Electoral College system completely and replace it with the direct popular vote or repair perceived defects in the existing system by implementing one of several Electoral College reform proposals. Following several close elections in 1960, 1968, 1976 and 2000, the House of Representatives bowed to public sentiment and proposed constitutional amendments providing for direct election but never received the required the two-thirds majority approval necessary to then submit it for states passage. This discussion will first review the history of this exclusively American tradition in an attempt to illuminate the rationale behind it. It will then address the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the system. It will then provide alternatives and the rational for and against each to examine how likely it would be for these reforms to materialize into a Constitutional amendment. ...
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The Electoral College is a mechanism, by which ties are nearly impossible. If a tie should happen, the nation would have found itself in a predicament and heated controversy…
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