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Political Theory

After chute of Feudalism, and the Renaissance era, in the 15-16th centuries, there was even a spiritual Revolution in Europe, mostly in France, after the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, before French Revolution there was an era for few decades called Elucidation. The representatives of that new steam called Spiritualists, such as Montesquieu and Jean Jacques Rousseau influenced very much the political system of France and contributed to Revolution. It was thus the era of Spirit and Letters, mentality on political theory changed little by little, and mental horizon of people by means of these theories got wider, and by means of French Revolution, the whole political and social system were about to change. Rousseau, among books that he wrote, was, “The Spirit of Law” and “Social Contract”, two similar books in which he treats Monarchy and Sovereignty as systems that limit freedom of people, thus social freedom, by means of law.As social freedom is based on natural law, monarchs who apply the law, being the responsible and competent ones to apply may limit freedom, against individual real freedom. In his book ‘’Social Contract’’, he cites: “How would we like a political system? Would Social contract ensure individual freedom, or am I about to limit one’s natural freedom, based on natural law? Then he moreover claims that the monarchy system is what contributes to Constitution of Social Contract, whereas anybody would sacrifice his/her own freedom for the sake of society”. ...
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The author of the essay "Political Theory" focuses on the concept of political theory. It is stated that there have been many political theories over centuries, and mainly the last two centuries with some major events that happened in Europe brought Communism to the country later…
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