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Globalization and Public Policy of U7

This essay explained terms of globalization and outsourcing and their results in which nations wanted to get to know one another again, in an economic sense. In the previous years, the U.S. had signed a free trade agreement with Canada, which dramatically reduced tariffs. Goods and services were being efficiently exchanged between the two countries. As technology permitted faster transportation and communication, the world became a smaller place, but the number of economic opportunities increased dramatically. There was money to be made not only in Canada, but in less developed countries such as China and India. These two countries, which represented a massive amount of world population were finally coming into their own. The United States of America was making money out of trading goods with them.

Author suggests that the United States of America will never again be a major manufacturing country. Costs here are just too high for that to happen. But there are many other things to make money off of, even with these high rates of globalization. It is already helped make the United States of America wealthier and more stable and it has led to increasing peace in the world. It is especially good for the poor, as it provides them with new technologies and new opportunities. ...
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This essay covers globalization and outsourcing, that are both controversial policy issues in the United States of America today. It also describes history of relations between United States and other powerful countries, such as Soviet Union, China, India and Canada…
Author : gulgowskigayle
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