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Why does the american government have a large debt

The paper describes different reasons why the U.S. is nowadays in debts. One problem causing the debt is entitlement programs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are three government programs that provide pensions and medical coverage for the elderly and poor. These programs are going to soon need more money than ever before because of the Baby Boomer generation. Fewer workers are currently paying into these funds and more are drawing money out. The Government will need to change the way these programs work if they are to reduce the national debt. A final reason the United States is in debt is warfare. President Bush and the Republican controlled congress started two wars, on in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and never set money aside in the budget or raised taxes to pay for them. All of this money was borrowed, leading to a huge national debt. ...
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This paper is about the debts of the government. Most countries in the world are in debt. The government of the United States of America borrows money by selling U.S. Treasury Bonds. This is a common practice. The problem with the debt of the United States it that it has grown so large, so quickly…
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