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Should Term Limits in Government Be Abolished

Before going into the discussion regarding term limits, let us get a better understanding of what term limits actually are. Ellis-Christensen (n.d.) states, “Term limits refer to the maximum number of times a person can hold the same public office”. Different people have different viewpoints regarding term limits. I am personally in favor of term limits because of various reasons. In my view, some of the most considerable benefits of term limits are that they prevent government officials from hogging their seats, increases the level of commitment of the government officials, provides an opportunity for new people to serve the nation, and eliminate the chances of corruption. Term limits are also a solution to eliminate the factor of self-interest from the government officials (Keller, 2010).Term limits are beneficial for a nation because it provides the way for other talented people to come into the government and serve the nation with a new passion and commitment. Bringing fresh blood into the government improves the connection of government with the people (Ritchie, 2011). If we consider the impact of term limits on the economy of a country, we can say that when same officials come into the government repeatedly, there is less progress or change in economic position because they hardly have any new idea or strategy to improve the economy. On the other hand, term limits provide an opportunity to new people who have new ideas and strategies to improve the economy. Every person possesses the right to serve his/her country. ...
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The author of this essay "Should Term Limits in Government Be Abolished" touches upon the term limits in government. According to Ellis-Christensen, “Term limits refer to the maximum number of times a person can hold the same public office”. …
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