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How does immigration affect the population structure in Los Angeles?

The census website for 1990 and 2000 gives relevant information about the growth of population and its major sources. Recent studies and researches have mentioned the fact that immigration plays a vital role in the process of increasing population and its effects are many and varied. Women contribute a higher proportion than men in immigrant population. Paul M. Ong and Edna Bonacich made some relevant observation in the field of immigrant population and they remark; ‘Women constitute a far higher proportion than in the past and now make up the majority of immigrants from some countries’ . Higher proportion of women population paved the way for high birth rates and population growth. Consequently, Federal government forced to spend maximum fund for immigrants.
Immigrant population in Los Angeles promoted relevant changes in nation’s economic growth. Their taxes, lower-wage goods and services contributed better growth in local and regional economy. Manuel Pastor and Rhonda Ortiz examine the economic effects of immigrant population in Los Angeles. They rightly comment that ‘Finally, immigrants comprise 46 percent of the workforce in Los Angeles, making them integral to the growth of the local and regional economy’ (Pastor & Ortiz 7). Similarly, both Federal and state governments have spent a considerable amount of money for the welfare of immigrant communities through implementing schools and hospitals.
Immigrants from Hispanic, Latino and Asian population have marked gradual growth in their population in recent years. Difference in higher socio-economic and lower socio-economic backgrounds of immigrants paved the way for a new social structure in society. ...
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This work tells about social, economic and demographic effects of illegal immigrati in Los Angeles, and how it changes the population. Immigrant population in Los Angeles County have strengthened a number of sectors of economics, business, education, job vacancies and so on…
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