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The Second World War was similar in the extent of nationalism, however countries having just started to rebuild from World War I did not have the resources or the capacity to wage war. Because of this, many countries even prior to the onset of war began to ask their citizens to restrict their usage of certain materials and there was soon a national effort in both Great Britain and the United States to recruit individuals of all ages to enlist, and those who could not enlist to help domestically with rationing and manufacturing efforts. The governments used their citizen’s nationalism to increase production and assist in the war effort. Interestingly, it was not only countries utilizing their own citizen’s sense of nationalism, but Germany used French nationalism to turn the French against their previous allies. This is one instance where nationalism actually created a divisive culture versus a unifying culture. Overall, however, between World War, I and World War II nationalism were a positive element of society. The method that many countries used to increase nationalism was the use of propaganda to both enrage and to gain empathy when necessary. An example of how propaganda was used in a negative way was the publications that eventually placed Japanese Americans in work camps in the United States.While the two world wars set multiple countries against each other, the cold war which started soon after the Korean Conflict was one ideology in the form of the United States against another in the form of the Soviet Union. ...
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This essay entitled "Nationalism" deals with the phenomenon of nationalism. According to the text, nationalism is overall a unifying force that brings together individuals of different backgrounds and schools of thoughts to become a stronger, unified force…
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