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Many organizations operate in a bureaucratic way, both in the public and private sectors.
The first classic feature of an ideal type of bureaucracy is the formal hierarchical structure where each level controls that which is below it.
Second, management by rules ensures that individuals at lower levels execute decisions made by those who are in a rank above them. Third, organization by functional specialty involves specialist who performs and organize work into units based on their skills. Fourth, an “up-focused” mission implies the organization’s purpose to serve the stockholders, the board or whatever agency that empowers it. Finally, purposely impersonal ensures equal treatment of every employee, as well as customers without influence by individual differences.
Bureaucracy as a system also has its disadvantages, which include low morale due to specialization, because of repetition the job becomes boring. Second, the absence of maneuverability due to many set procedures and avenues to be followed for every process. This leaves no possibility for maneuvering. Third, companies that employ bureaucratic structures run the risk of becoming irrelevant because of lack of innovation.
Key among the demerits is the issue relating to low morale due to specialization since it affects many institutions in a major way. One of the most frustrating experiences that I encountered was working in a bureaucratic organization with set systems of operation. The organization offered little room for growth and self-development. ...
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The following essay encompasses the notion of bureaucracy. According to the text, a bureaucracy is a large group of people who run a government but are not elected. It also denotes a way of administratively organizing a large number of people who need to work together…
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