U.S Senator Dianne Feinstein: Gang Violence, an Environment of Fear - Essay Example

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U.S Senator Dianne Feinstein: Gang Violence, an Environment of Fear

As the report states Dianne mostly uses pathos as her theoretical strategy in her speech. Pathos are emotional appeals which means persuading an audience by appealing to their emotions. Pathos can be used to draw pity or anger from an audience in order to prompt them into action. She starts her speech off by giving an example of a child who was mistakenly shot dead by a gang. She does this to evoke a feeling of anger in the audience because of the innocence of the child and to prove the guilt of the gang. Dianne also emphasizes the threat of insecurity to children, the elderly and the community at large by the creation of an environment of fear. She also expresses her view of the violence of gang members turning on each other, the police and the community at large as being.
From the research it is clear Dianne also gives a statistic of the danger put on law enforcement. She names the Los Angeles Police Officer Ricardo, who was killed while responding to a domestic violence call and also Merced Police Officer Stephen Gray, who was shot dead trying to catch a suspected gang member. Dianne asks her audience various questions, including how to keep the youth out of the gangs, how to protect the witnesses who are willing to testify and also what to do when the gang perpetrate violence in their communities. Dianne creates a relationship and feeling of dialogue with her audience by asking them the questions. ...
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This paper analyzes the role of Dianne Feinstein in politic, who explains in her speech the effects of gang violence to the environment. She starts by explaining a case of a young girl who was shot point blank by a member of a gang who mistakenly thought that her father was a member of a rival gang…
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