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Childrens Rights Protection

The paper is a realistic approach conducted in order to determine the various critical measures adopted by schools, which goes in their own benefit. SENDA (2001) Act is discussed in the light of its extension, 'Every Child Matters' policy. Discrimination on the basis of 'disabled children' is not limited to secondary schools alone, even primary schools suffer at the hands of such discrimination. Example is given at a nursery level. In the end there is a need to determine and change not only our policies but also our way of thinking.
"To produce a report that critically evaluates one aspect of legislation and policy relating to protecting children's rights in the context of non-discriminatory practice within the working environment (Primary school) legislation focus on Special educational needs and disability discrimination act 2001".
The concern is not about the policies that matter, but the rules, which are made in order to alleviate all the distinctions evolve in little minds. Those little minds that ask why are we separate from others, why are we dealt separately and why are we treated separate from others. Children self esteem means a lot to them, particularly to those people who are in a social contact with them including family and friends. ...
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This paper is all about critical evaluation of the Institutions following somehow the Acts and measures recommended by the legislations and policies. Despite following the rules, the schools are still lying far behind the way to anti discrimination policies and practices…
Author : mbreitenberg

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