Support Services for Dementia

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Nottingham has been one of the pilot cities in which the Mental Health Foundation of UK's project for, "Dementia Advice and Support Services" has been launched. Thus the city's dementia affected population has been positively benefited by this project, indirectly contributing to the overall social and health capital in the city.


The target population of these services includes not only the users but also their families and the carers by providing them necessary skills for coping with the pressures of sustaining assistance to the user.
During appraisal of services it was noticed that while there were a wide range of services which could have been covered, the scope of appraisal was limited to key issues which affect the user, the family and the carer. Thus appraisal of services has been carried out with reference to four principle skills befriending, informing, advising and coping skills for carers. A common factor observed while appraisal of all these services was the lack of suitable metrics for assessing efficacy of each scheme which militated against their optimum administration. It was also considered that a total understanding of the issue of consequence to a limited number of the population could possibly be a majoritarian one and thus may not be totally congruent with the needs of the users. (Payne, 1997).
Befriending. Befriending is a key issue for users. These services alone make the relationship and friendship fun for all the participants, the user as well as the friend. The availability of befriending services was seen to be limited and these were restricted in numbers and their commitment as well as ability to provide succor to the users.
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