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"Counseling is a proactive and dynamic activity, that primarily involves defining the vector of any body's actions and behavior" (Johnson, 1992). Again, the said concept may be write vague in its concept, as this might involve everybody and anybody. The short answer is yes! As the essence of psychology involves providing guidance to an individual, this provides a notion that is applicable to all humanity regardless of any differences.
Human beings have always found a multitude of ways to divide themselves. Color, creed, religion, class and ranks, all have provided a disparity in attitude and treatment over the millennia. However, defining them on grounds of social class on grounds of counseling is incorrect. This is a stance that is largely misunderstood, and can only be truly clarified once the correct stance of counseling is understood.
A school of thought may argue over the fact that counseling is a middle class hobby for the middle classes. However, this statement is far from the truth. It shall be consequential to understand the true dynamics of counseling before the same may be established. The reason why this may be argued that it is for the middle class is because it provides a scape-goat to those who have been sandwiched among the parenthesis of classes. ...
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Counseling came into existence when the first man ever sought advice from the other. Though the paradigms of modern day counseling may well be never ending, yet the actual essence remains the very same. Whether it be a psychological issue at hand, or even a personal problem, whenever a person seeks advice, and there is another one to offer it, it falls in the realm of counseling…
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