Effects of Depression

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Human nature varies throughout the world. How an individual perceive and understand situation rely on diverse issues encompassing personal, social, economical or environmental. Childhood grooming demands positive, encouraging and congenial family and social atmosphere.


The situation becomes tough when major transitions are taking place in particular, when a student joins college, a shift from a nurturing family and home security to outer world.
Chemical imbalance, genetics, a history of abuse, family problems, death of loved one, any trauma in the past, pressures related with the academic performance, cut-throat competition, several adjustments in a new environment, a fear of failure in the chosen field, psycho-social, financial pressures generated due to escalating cost of education and books and to meet the domestic needs on a limited budget, lack of financial literacy, sexual assault, alcohol or drug abuse, poor diet and exercise habits, relationships, both friendship and physical, with opposite sex and peer pressure to frame a good impression upon everyone, loss of harmony, preparing for life after graduation.
In order to meet the expectations at all levels, trying to balance classes with work and social life, and to prove one's worth, the students experience total deficiency of orientation, expression, motivation, hopelessness, despair and anguish, all these factors keep the students under stress, frustration, anxiety and gradually this sow the seeds of depression, the condition about which the student(s) may not be aware. The situation if ignored becomes devastating.
Depression is a severe medical condition that engrosses the body ...
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