Moral Development of the Children - Book Report/Review Example

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Moral Development of the Children

It was not the detailed answers towards the dilemmas that pull his attention, but rather how the individual got to his or her solutions (Berk, 1991, p. 207).
An individual must improve through the stages sequentially, and one might not arrive at a higher stage without passing through the stage instantaneously preceding it. A principle that such a bound into moral maturity is achievable is in pointed contrast towards the facts of developmental explorations. Moral development happens to be a growth, and similar to all growth, takes place in accordance with a programmed sequence. To look forward to someone to develop into high moral maturity immediately would be like anticipating someone to walk earlier than he crawls.
If an individual is familiarized to perceive good almost completely as that which produces his/her satisfaction, how might he/she understand a perception of good wherein the "good" might bring him no concrete pleasure at all. The moral proverb - it is better to give than to receive, reflects a high point of development. The kid who sincerely asks you why it is better to give rather than to receive, asks, because he/she does not and cannot recognize such thinking. ...
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Customarily, psychology has kept away from studying anything that is burdened with value judgments. There is an extent of difficulty concerned in trying to be unprejudiced with regards to things that have to do with terms like good as well as bad. As a result, one of the most considerable aspects of human existence which is morality has had to hang around quite a while before anyone within psychology is challenged to handle it (Moshman, 2005, p…
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