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Stress Management in Organization

In the present case I had added that how the individual personality, perceptions, job experiences, training, self efficacy, locus of control, communication skills and interpersonal relationship contributes towards deciding the impact of stress on an individuals. I had also added that apart from individual personality and specialties as well as behavioral specifications, how organization culture, environment, job assignments, role clarity, general relationship between the employees contributes significantly towards stress enhancement or reduction. In the next section I had also added how to cope up the workplace stresses by an individual as well as at the organizational level. It also includes how the management could deliberately indulge in such practices to reduce workplace stresses up to minimum level.
Almost all of us are aware that employee stress is an increasing problem in organizations. In today's ever changing global environment most of the companies often depend on downsizing and lean organizational structure. Most of the employees feel overworked and lack of job stability in today's world and this situation aggravate the stress of employees. Most of the employees complain about stress created in trying to balance work and family responsibility (Slobogin, 2001). ...
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Summery of changes: In the present assignment I have added the general introduction about the present day problem of workplace stress and its widespread effects on the employees' productivity and health especially. Definition of stress also has been added to understand that what is stress is all about…
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