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Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

It still remains perhaps the most inhuman and innately harmful happening that has the potential of ruining the rest of child's life. While Child sexual abuse remains illegal in all countries, it has also been almost impossible to eradicate it completely. This is mainly because the child is usually abused by either family members, or friends and it is always by somebody in the immediate circle and this makes it difficult for the crime to get reported or the abuser punished.
Child sexual abuse is not something momentary that could be forgotten immediately. Sometimes it could go on for years unnoticed by others and the threatened child might not reveal the sexual abuse. It has always produced short and long term negative effects on victims. They could be suffering from multi-dimensional long and short range behavioural and mental, social and psychological problems with unfortunate results that would not allow them to live a proper life with a balanced outlook.
"Research has shown that child sexual abuse victims are more likely to be the victims of rape or to be involved in physically abusive relationships as adults" http://www.apa.org/releases/sexabuse/effects.html
Research also has shown that child abuse is not a momentary happening without further complications. ...
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I have taken 'Effects of Child Sexual Abuse' as a topic of my Dissertation. I feel that this is a very important issue as it can leave lifelong effects if the child is not provided with proper and continuous physical and psychological treatment. I have detailed the after effects from various angles and have outlined the difficulties in following particular research methodologies…
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