Cognitive Psychology Essay

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Working Memory (WM) is a very newly adopted phenomenon of short-term memory (STM), a significant theoretical framework within cognitive psychology. This refers to the structural outlines and procedures used for momentarily storing and manipulating of data.


In 2000, Baddeley added a new component to the existing model, known as the episodic buffer, representing the integration of phonological, visual and spatial information in addition to semantic information, musical information, particularly not covered by the traditional 'slave systems'.
The simplest understandable form of the multi-component model of working memory, in which a temporary storage system for acoustic or speech-based information is assumed to be present in order to hold these information arranged in a array of spontaneous fading with a duration of 2 to 3 seconds as refreshed by the process of rehearsal. The process of rehearsal is assumed to entail some type of sub-vocal articulation, not only works for maintaining information within the storage system, but also serves the purpose of registering visual stimuli within the storage, given the objects can be named. Hence, if a small sufficient quantity of information is to be provided, it can be maintained for an indefinite period through the method of continuous rehearsal. ...
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