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Obedience in social psychology.

Obedience to authority is one of the most pressing matters of the 20th and 21st century. Events such as the Holocaust and Abu Ghraib prison tortures have caused us to ask questions regarding the humanity within each one of us. Social Psychologists have delved into this and have conducted experiments, the results of which have been astonishing. The aim of this research paper is to try and answer whether obedience really is a desirable thing or is the cost of being obedient, much too great to pay. Obedience in Social Psychology When a person changes their behaviour at the command of an authoritative figure, it is termed as being obedient and research shows that it is generally accepted and usually encouraged. By definition, obedience is "a social influence process involving modification of behaviour in response to a command from an authority figure" (Bordens and Horowitz, pp. 289, 2002). It is a necessity when it comes to maintaining order in society. Laws are placed to be followed by citizens to ensure the safety of themselves as well as those around them to maintain social harmony, for example commuters, following traffic laws, ensure the smooth and safe passage of others around them and had there been no obedience to those laws, then the occurrence of traffic collisions would have been much higher. ...
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Obedience to authority is one of the most pressing matters of the 20th and 21st century. Events such as the Holocaust and Abu Ghraib prison tortures have caused us to ask questions regarding the humanity within each one of us…
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