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Socialization, Gender Beliefs and Behaviors, and Self-concept See Details

Each culture has its own unique socialization, gender beliefs and behavior and roles. Individual self concept may also result from the influence from the culture.
In the Hindu culture, women are held in the highest regard compared to most cultures. However, this does not mean that they are held in equality with men. It is quite the opposite. While in the cultures the women are allowed to work in the same fields like the men, the Hindu women are supposed to remain in the men’s shadows and support their husband through their achievements. They were also allowed to be equals in the religious practices with their husbands and the men have to practice these ceremonies accompanied by their wives since they were seen as goddesses. The qualities traditionally admired in a Hindu woman are modesty of manner, shyness and self-effacement. Self assertiveness and bold tendencies are regarded with suspicion (Sarkar, 2001).
From a young age, a woman is never fir for independence. At a young age, the father is the one who protects her. This ends at the time she is married off and the husband takes over the role of protecting her and her old age, her son protects her. During her childhood, a woman was brought up to be a quiet and modest girl. They were associated with beauty and taught how to dance since they believe that it was a way to attract more suitors. At a young age, she was completely under her parent’s care, where she was taught to be a hard working lady so as not to disappoint her husband when she is married off.
Once she is married, the woman becomes the property of her husband. Payment of dowry is influenced by the caste system. For those that are high in hierarchy, women are the ones that are expected to pay dowry to their husband’s family while those that are of the lower class practice the opposite. Once the woman is married, her husband is expected to take care of her needs. She is supposed to be his servant ...Show more


Socialization is the process by which an individual is provided with the skills, norms and belief that are part of his or her community, thus enabling the cultural continuity. Gender beliefs and behaviors are the convictions that held on the different genders and their expected…
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