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Moral Psychology Paper - Essay Example

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Introduction There can be very little doubt that evil is in existence, it is my belief that “evil skeptics” should not be cynical concerning morality. Moreover, they might as well be complete realists concerning moral properties as well as propositions instead of stating that evil people are not in existence or by stating that such people may be very few…

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Moral Psychology Paper

They point out that non-trivial numbers of individuals are evil (Russell, 2006). Evil is a notion that is applied in daily moral discourse, although these uses are always varied as well as contentious. It should be noted that a given action might be said to be evil when the action is capable of causing harm, which is undeserved. Evil people are in existence and they are sometimes defined as those individuals who have betrayed their own personhoods and have succumbed to their internal wickedness. There are various schools of thought that define evil individuals, for instance, Kekes, (2005), Card (2002), Singer (2004), and Cole (2006), state that evil persons actually exist while on the other hand, Haybron (2002a), Kekes (1990), and Garrard (2002), state that there are very few evil individuals. Singer (2004) as well as Kekes (2005) further state that these evil individuals deserve very strong moral condemnation. When an individual is considered an evil person, then if this individual does something wrong, it will be very easy or the wrong action he has committed to be explained (Cole, 2006; McGinn, 1997; and Kekes, 1990). ...
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