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Good Will Hunting

At this stage, an individual is excited about being assimilated into their new culture. Omarina is keen to learn the new culture due to excitement. She also seems to have the conviction that her religion was wrong. As a result, she develops a positive attitude towards the new culture and lives in the denial of her culture.
The second stage is the dissonance stage. During this step, one starts to question the morality of the new culture. She also loses the excitement that she had for the White attitudes. Precisely, she feels confused. Omarina realizes that the culture of the Whites is somewhat weird and different from hers. She begins to realize that there is racism that is practiced against the non-Whites.
The third stage is called resistance and immersion. During this stage, one accepts that there is inequality, oppression, and racism in the society. As such, one embraces their culture and safeguards it. Omarina associated with those students who match her race. She also starts withdrawing her association with the Whites by abandoning the culture that she had borrowed from them.
The second last stage is the introspection stage. During this stage, the individual embraces their culture and feels a sense of security in it. Omarina develops a negative attitude towards the White culture when she realizes that it oppresses the other race. The final stage is the synergetic articulation and awareness. Omarina feels fulfilled and satisfied with her culture. However, she is open to adopting the right elements of the White culture. As a result, she develops respect for the other ...
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Currently, there are different schools for the Blacks and the Whites, a move that was banned by the Supreme Court sixty years ago. The story of Omarina in FRONTLINE highlights the various stages of racial and ethnic…
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