Paul and the Law- Paul's view on the Law

Paul and the Law- Paul
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Full name Professor Subject Date A Biblical View of the Law from Paul’s Perspective Introduction Religion and government so often come in conflict with each other. Power, perhaps, is the most influential factor causing this conflict. Sometimes, it is so disappointing to see religions fighting for power, fame, and control, because it is perceived to be the foremost advocate of peace programs.


The church cannot be denied to have such power as to gather people as a force which can go against the government when the church does not agree with the leadership. Likewise, the government could be a strong force which could dissolve a church. Thus, the two oftentimes have to come up with solutions to bridge the gap and bind their forces to promote good leadership. America once experienced leadership under the government and the church and also witnessed many changes as the state tried to separate itself from the church. In this respect, it is interesting to look into this matter and examine the biblical principles concerning the government, which circumscribe the law and the role of the church or religion. In this paper, the focus will be on the perceptions of one man who was an expert in law—not only the Jewish law but also the Roman law, and at the same time converted to Christianity— Paul the Apostle. The Law As a Right Paul had always been a zealous Jew who, according to the Bible, became a persecutor of the early Christians. ...
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