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Death as Fact of Life - Essay Example

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Grief is believed to be the emotional imbalance felt by individuals after a certain loss. Grief turns to be quite complex in nature and sometimes it is misunderstood. Unfortunately, Grief is part of our lives since we all will experience it at one time or another in our lifetime (Becker, 23). The stages of grief remain the same whether brought through divorce, death or some other loss. We have five stages of grief, and it is believed that if an individual is stuck in one of these stages the grieving process is said to be incomplete. This means that the individual will not fully heal when there is a loss. The grieving stages occur differently in each individual since each individual has his own healing pace (Becker, 54). Therefore, an individual will only move to the next stage when he or she is ready. Individuals must complete the five stages of grieving for healing to occur. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has reviewed the grief stages (five) experienced by individuals after a serious loss: denial, bargaining, anger, sadness, and acceptance. Her study greatly involves dying patients’ process until their death finally comes. These emotional stages occur in human life before their death in an unpredictable order. Her study also revealed that the emotion reactions ranged from one individual to another due to the uniqueness possessed by people (Becker, 74). The reactions could have also been affected by various strategies used by individuals to overcome the stressing moment. Denial is the first stage of the Kubler-Ross model. This is where patients refuse to accept that they are in the progression towards death. Her research reveals that most of her patients claim that they feel fine, and others cannot believe that they are awaiting death. Denial is usually a short-term defense mechanism for the dying individuals (Kubler, 102). Some of the individuals make this stage worse when they think of the property they will leave behind after their death. When individuals constantly refuse to accept the fact that they on the dying edge they find themselves locked in this stage. When they are locked in this stage, they find themselves in a stressful moment. Kubler recommends that the health professionals and relatives to the dying individual should not keep the patient in dark about his or her real condition of health. When patients are hindered from the truth, he is prevented from adjusting to acceptance that death is surely going to happen. Anger is another emotional state where the dying individual has a number of questions. The individual is in question “Why me?” or “How can this be happening to me?” When anger arises in the victims, feelings are complicated for anyone to understand due to the patient’s fury and jealousy. Patients express their anger in different ways where some characters are annoyed of themselves or because of other people. Kubler advises that we should not judge individuals who are in anger out of grief. Moreover, we should continue showing love and care to help them get through the most difficult time of their life. Some of the individuals experiencing this stage may opt to commit suicide (Kubler, 103). After the individuals are past the anger stage, they face the bargaining stage. During this stage, individuals are ready to do anything just to delay their death. Most victims cry out to God to extend their life, and if they were granted a second chance, they would modify their lifestyle. According to the psychiatrist ...Show more


(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Death as a Fact Thesis statement: Individuals who undergo loss should be conscious of the five grief stages and the impacts of poorly coping with the stress that comes with each stage. Death is an obvious fact, which we do not have the power to control…
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Death as Fact of Life
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