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Name Course Institution Date Position analysis on a midwife through the dying process This is a story articulated by Timothy quill regarding the healing and hard choices that happens at the end of personal life. From timothy articulation, we realize that he was a well-established doctor working under the same roof with Mrs.


Theologically, we learn Jane’s socialization since she was full of social life after living alone for long period. Before Timothy meeting Smith, she had undergone brain injury after sustaining an injury. Unfortunately, she developed a cancer at a very tender age. The fate of midwife through the dying process is one of its kinds and needs patience and perseverance. On the other hand, the articulation goes further to analyze on how the author goes further to create a social relationship with Jane. By then Timothy was practicing his own medical practice and he was happy to learn that Jane indeed decided to change her insurance plans and remain Timothy patient. Through professional level, Timothy gave all the support and provided necessary help to Jane and through this caring perception, timothy generated a strong bond with Jane. One of the reasons for Jane decided to leave insurance perception was because she was suffering asthma and with time while under Timothy medication, she sustained and developed emphysema too. It was a tough time to Jane, since in that process she developed complex rheumatoid arthritis since her serology tests on her blood was confirmed positively. Nevertheless, this does not cut the strong bond timothy had created with Jane. ...
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