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It also ensures that a Christian’s understanding of any given doctrine is the most current and up to date. Systematic theology also gives order so that the information acquired by the people is not forgotten due to information overflow. Importance of the application of the doctrines in the life of a believer. Application of the Bible doctrine is the purpose behind studying it. By applying these doctrines, we accept to change the old ways and embrace the moral teachings of the doctrines into our lives. The Bible doctrine teachings give us the directions of good Christian living that help us to overcome temptations in the day to day lives. (Mclaughlin, 2013:3) Says “application of Bible doctrine is the only way to handle people. This is something you should never, ever forget because you will have to deal with people throughout your life”. This is because we meet different kinds of people every day and some are difficult to deal with. This happens to everyone, and it can happen anywhere; at school, at work, in the church and other places. ...
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SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY IN THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH AND INDIVIDUAL BELIVER Date due: Introduction According to (Doran, 2005:5), systematic theology is primarily the organization of the teachings of the Bible into definite systems. This can further be explained with the example of the information given in the Bible about angels…
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