Discourse with an Atheist Who Beleives That Gos Does Not Exist - Essay Example

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Discourse with an Atheist Who Beleives That Gos Does Not Exist

For instance, evolution does not explain the forces that combined the hydrogen and oxygen molecules and dust particles to form the primordial cell. Likewise, the causes and reacting elements that triggered the Big Bang or the star’s withdrawal of elements from the sun, as is alleged in the Star-Tidal theory are not cogently identified in non-creationist theories. Even non-creationist theories have to take a leap of faith in investigating the origin of life forms (Mongrain, 2011, 205). Contrary to the above, no one can repudiate the fact that the world, the universe and life forms are too complex to have been brought about by random chance. The intricate network of the blood vessels in mammals (especially man), the universal order and man’s linguistic capabilities, are just some of the indicators of an intelligent Being who must have designed the universe. Had the Star-Tidal or the Big Bang incident brought the universe and life forms into existence, chances for this striking order would be zero (1/?). Logically, if God exists, then His interactions with His creation will be inevitable, and the vestiges of these interactions may also be notable. Still, these requirements are consistent with the Biblical notion of God’s existence. Particularly, there are indicators of the universal or the Noahic flood, just as the Bible alleges that the flood took place around 4,300 BC. ...Show more


Institution Subject Management and Gender Instructor Date 1) Discourse with an Atheist Who Believes That God Does Not Exist All schools of thought that make an attempt to construct the origin of the universe can be classified as theistic or atheistic…
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