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Witchcraft in America - Research Paper Example

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This research paper endeavors to understand the various forms of witchcraft in America in terms of there origin, purpose and the principle in which they operates…
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Witchcraft in America
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Witchcraft in America

The nature of witchcraft in America demonstrates very insignificant relationship with those of other countries if any and is consigned to perform more or less the same needs as those of other areas. This paper then discusses the various forms of witchcraft in America after the realization that they were caste to play different roles by different peoples. The origins of the forms are also discussed to give in depth analysis of the witchcraft trajectory path. This paper provides useful information for understanding how various communities in the world believe in the power of the unseen forces for values. Introduction In old days and the contemporary society, witchcrafts are not a new term. Witchcraft started long time and the writings about witchcrafts can be traced during Paleolithic period and in the bible and other religious writings like Koran. The fact the there are writings about witch crafty in the basic religious teachings and that they are highly condemned, it makes even the most doubtful believers about the power of witchcrafts to think about their position for the second time. Taking about witchcrafts bring into focus the issue of the sorcerers. To distinguish the two has been a problem to many people, and in very many circumstances, the two are interchangeably used. It is though not accurate to consider the two as the same thing. Witchcraft can be said to be an involuntary innate personality in a person that is associated with unique physical happenings. It should be noted the witchcrafts do not need spells, tools and any sort of ceremony to perform his /her business but use pure psychic (Mirecki, and Marvin, 133). On the other side, sorcerers can be defined as the use of spells, ceremonies, and accessories that are performed by a proficient person who understand the process of using them. One needs not to have the innate ability to perform sorcery though it is a physical process that can be witnessed. From the two definitions, the distinction between sorcery and witch crafty can be drawn; it is though important to note that the two uses spirits to achieve their aims. The extent of witch crafty has been found to take place all over the world from Africa to Asia and to America. Christians believe in the power of the witchcraft and that explains why in the early times, the Catholic Church is in record to have engaged in the killing of those who are suspected to be practicing witch crafty in the society (Mirecki, and Marvin, 98). The same applies to other religions such as the Islamic who in their Koran writings also recognizes and condemn the power of witchcrafts. A strong debate has always erupted as to whether the power of witchcrafts can harm or not, this is because from most witchcrafts, the assertion is that they do not harm while the conventional belief about it is that it is purely used to harm. The concrete response to this can be left to the individual experience or knowledge about witchcrafts. The persecution of the witchcraft during the middle age period resulted into the witchcrafts taking low profile and issues related to witchcraft were done under ground. This explains why there are no writings and books to aid in referencing the account of witchcraft during the ancient times. Even though there are no records of witchcraft, there were found painting and sketchy writing by the archeologist, this painting and writings are believed to have been occasioned by the then witchcrafts. As a matter of public knowledge, witchcrafts have been billed to be possessing supernatural powers and that they can perform rituals that go against the laws of ... Read More
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“Witchcraft in America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/religion-and-theology/13106-witchcraft-in-the-united-states.
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