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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] The Preaching’s of Augustine Introduction Augustine is a well renowned Bishop of the early era of Christianity preaching. He was unique among the Christians preachers due to his elegant and pleasing way of sermonizing.


He was truly loyal, devoted and faithful priest & his aim of life was the propagation of Bible’s message in right direction. His approach towards Bible was entirely different from other Bishops as he read it very intensely and spiritually. The influential writings of Augustine make him one of the most prominent and outstanding theologian and philosopher of all times1. The preaching’s of Augustine had a massive impact on the society due to his creativity in traditional Bible teaching methodology. The aim of Bishop was to educate each and every individual about the meaning of Bible and relate them with spiritualism. He is considered as the best orator, speaker, lecturer and spokesperson in Christianity. Without any governess or communication skills practice, he knew how to grab people attention towards the topic and deliver the message. His believe was that Bible is the only solution to mankind and it can resolve each and every sort of problems facing by mankind. Dilemmas whether it would be worldly, spiritual or religious; Bible has the solution to them all. He wanted appreciation of Bible by the people at every forum and propagated his message in every possible way2. This paper discusses the voyage of Augustine’s preaching the message. The methodology, tactics, procedures and approaches adopted by Augustine. ...
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