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THEOLOGY OF MARRIAGE Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Abstract: The present paper aims to discuss the institution of marriage with reference to its role and significance in religious, social and cultural viewpoints.


The paper will also elucidate the types of marriages have been in vogue in various cultures, and the variation in respect of the rights and obligations appear in the wake of the individuals’ entering into marital knot with one another. The paper is also interested in defining the alterations the world has observed in the contemporary era in the structure and functioning of the institution of marriage, where cohabitation as well as same-sex civil rights, have also obtained the status of a legal marriage in recent years. Additionally, the paper will also discuss the causes and consequences of the unprecedented rise in the ratio of the break-up of marriages in modern era, which result into the permanent separation of the spouses in the form of divorce. Introduction: Marriage is rightly regarded to be one of the oldest social institutions, which exists in all human societies and cultures of the world without discrimination since the known history of human civilization. Hence, marriage certainly appears to be a universal phenomenon, which is widely accepted and observed in every part of the globe at large (Ember & Ember 2010). One of the most significant reasons behind its popularity includes its determining the specific mode for the fulfillment of the carnal desires in a prescribed manner, which is an essential part of all living organisms, particularly the humans and animals. ...
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