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Christianity - Research Paper Example

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Religion and Theology
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Rome had been theologically backward, one main reason being language problem. The shift from Greek to Latin was of little help. The Christians in Rome had traces of both Hellenistic culture as well as some Jewish traditions. Even some members of the Roman Christian community fasted on Sabbath and observed Jewish food laws…

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Irenaeus had stated that there was only one God. But the question that how can Christ be worshiped as God, his relation with Father, difference between Christianity and Judaism etc started coming up. The Asian Christians of Rome believed that “Christ was the Father himself and the Father himself was born, suffered and died.” Roman Christians were not in favour of this view.
North Africans did not believe in the Universalist ideas regarding the church in Rome, but were followers of absolute purity of church as well as integrity of membership. They considered baptism by water to be a mere prelude to the real baptism of blood. They thought these members to be Spirits who were impatiently awaiting the end of their physical life.
Agape meal was described as a simple meal which benefited the less fortunate and was coupled with hymn, reading of the Holy Scripture and prayers. It was beneficial because it implanted love among Christians and made them morally stronger. The special practices during baptism (renouncing the devil, a threefold immersion, having milk and honey afterwards and not taking a bath for a week to follow), thanksgiving (accepted prior to daybreak) and worship (using cross sign and not kneeling on Sundays).
From the 38 surviving pieces of Tertullian’s work, little has been learnt regarding his life. But going by Jerome’s evidence, he was “the son of a centurion in the proconsul’s guard” and had a very “sharp and violent talent”. ...
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