"History of Christian Thought: The Rise of Christianity - The First 600 Years" Dissertation.

"History of Christian Thought: The Rise of Christianity - The First 600 Years" Dissertation. Research Paper example
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The History of Christian Thought: The Rise of Christianity – the First 600 Years 1. The Ministry of Jesus “(I)t's a life that we don't know in detail until his death” (White, 1998). It has been said that history is written by the victorious. Nowhere is this more evident than the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.


The gospels, the earliest probably written at least 40 years after Jesus’ death, purport to describe the life and times of Jesus. Many writings were contradictory at the basic essence of Jesus, his birth and his purported resurrection. It’s important to remember that Jesus was not teaching from these New Testament books as they did not exist during his earthly lifetime. Jesus was Jewish and the laws and teachings he spread were straight from the Hebrew canon. He refers to Moses’ laws, the messianic prophecies of Isaiah and some Psalms (Cohen 1998). He oftentimes used parables as well, which may or may not have been thinly veiled social commentary (Cohen 1998). Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God but many now believe he was teaching about the social injustice of the Roman Empire (Crossan 1998). Soon enough his teachings in the synagogues were not well received by the Pharisees and he began preaching out of doors where anyone could come and listen (Barnett 155). Jesus most often spoke in parables as a way to reach ordinary people. But these parables are open to interpretation in the absence of context (Crossan 1998). Again these parables are written down with a combination of spoken word beliefs and political implications as Christianity was a persecuted religion. ...
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