History of Christian Thought and Hinduism.

History of Christian Thought and Hinduism. Research Paper example
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<p>Socrates is a true philosopher by definition. He is endowed with the special ability to think deeply about serious issues and develop his own clear ideas about them. I have respected and liked Socrates as depicted through Plato’s writings. Socrates’s philosophies concern serious issues like the reasons for the differences between Gods, the definition of pious and impious actions, the desirable, good and just things and their converse things in life.


He has also pondered about the certainty called “death” which all human lives must succumb to. The great man’s ideas about these somber issues are portrayed in his conversations with Euthyphro, Glaucon, Polemarchus, Adeimantus, Cephalus, Thracymachus, Cleitophon and so on. At the same time, Socrates is an extremely intelligent man. His way of conveying his philosophies through natural conversations without trying to preach his ideas, is truly remarkable. He effortlessly manages to make aware his conversation partners especially Eu...

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